Churlish in a sentence

  1. What does churlish mean? It means somebody that is extremely difficult to be working with or deal with at that particular moment. Check more meanings and sentence examples hereĀ

Noun: -churlishness

Adjective: -unchurlish

Examples: –

  • The script of the film is brilliant, the cast is brilliant, but it is the churlish nature of the director that ensures that the film will be delayed over a considerable period of time.
  • It is due to the churlish behavior of my employer that I would be leaving the company at the end of this month. It is better to be working at an establishment with less money but with a good employer at its top.
  • When you come to know that a person can become very churlish, it is important for you to be understanding of the behavior and get to know what seems to be the obvious problem to it.
  • It is important for you to not comment on any kind of churlish behavior of your children, you would only be putting petrol to that fire.
  • Do not ignite the feeling that a child can get away by being churlish towards you, particularly if it happens to be your own child.

Learn how to use a steam comb hair straightener

There are quite a variety of home hair straightening and styling tools like best hair straightener that every woman needs to have as part of her collection. This one is particularly important if you have wavy hair or curly because it can be sued to effectively remove all frizziness on all types of hair and leave you with smooth shiny hair. This is the comb that many stylists will use on you to create some of the smooth styles you go home with at the end of your visit to the salon.

Untangling unruly hair strands

Using a steam comb hair straightener

You can manage very well to use a steam comb hair straightener from the comfort of your own home by following some very simple tips. You need to start by shampooing and conditioning your hair before you begin to style it. After you are through you are going to blow work or allow hair time out in order to get rid of air dry. Comb your hair or perhaps brush it in order to remove any unruly strands and then apply a dollop of mousse that will enable the strands to loosen while the flyways will remain smooth and calm. If your hair is the thick type you must separate it into different sections using hair clips and if you are going to get the best results you may want to style them separately.

Combing your hair

In order to properly comb your hair using a stem comb hair straightener you will require to take individual pieces of one inch wide hair strands so that you glide them gently through the steam comb flat iron making sure you do not apply any amount of undue pressure. The beginning point should be at the root and slowly move away towards the tips. You shall diligently continue with this procedure until you have straightened each and every hair strand. Even though one glide over each strand should basically be sufficient it may sometimes be necessary to go through some strands a few times especially if you have coarse hair. You must be careful to protect your face and scalp by keeping the comb some three inches away. Your hair will be protected by the steam which will keep it from getting too hot or even burning your skin. You can try hair steamer too if you want to moisturize your hair properly.


In order to keep safe while using a steam comb hair straightener you need to heat it using a medium setting on the stove and once you think it is ready you can actually test it by touching it on a towel. If the towel gets burned the message is that the comb is actually too hot and could actually scorch or even burn your hair. As such the comb will need to be left to cool off before it is finally placed on your hair. If the comb becomes cold it should be reheated several times until the entire exercise is over.