Churlish in a sentence

  1. What does churlish mean? It means somebody that is extremely difficult to be working with or deal with at that particular moment. Check more meanings and sentence examples here

Noun: -churlishness

Adjective: -unchurlish

Examples: –

  • The script of the film is brilliant, the cast is brilliant, but it is the churlish nature of the director that ensures that the film will be delayed over a considerable period of time.
  • It is due to the churlish behavior of my employer that I would be leaving the company at the end of this month. It is better to be working at an establishment with less money but with a good employer at its top.
  • When you come to know that a person can become very churlish, it is important for you to be understanding of the behavior and get to know what seems to be the obvious problem to it.
  • It is important for you to not comment on any kind of churlish behavior of your children, you would only be putting petrol to that fire.
  • Do not ignite the feeling that a child can get away by being churlish towards you, particularly if it happens to be your own child.