Single Mattress – Advantages and Disadvantages

A single mattress, otherwise known as a twin mattress, has two variants: The regular single and the single XL. They are both 39 inches (3 feet and 3 inches) wide. The regular has a length of 75 inches (6 feet and 3 inches). The XL on the other hand has a length of 80 inches (around 6 feet and 8 inches).

That’s funny since 80 inches is the regular length of a regular mattress. The regular should have been called single petit and the XL should have been called regular. But I guess marketers felt customers would feel better buying an “XL” single mattress.

By the way, these measurements are based on US mattress standard. UK has a different measurement for their single mattress. Check this guide on memory foam mattress reviews

Advantages of Single Mattress

A single mattress’ small size is both a good thing and a disadvantage. It being small is a good thing for people who have a small room. I admit it is more comfortable to sleep on a bigger mattress where you can toss and turn with enough space, but I guarantee you, you won’t enjoy staying in your room if you have to walk sideways in it because your movement is constricted by the large bed eating up most of the room’s space.

Because of its small size, it would cost less. The money you would typically pay for a larger mattress, you can pay towards investing on a more comfortable and durable mattress. This line of thinking though is only advisable to people who are planning to keep and use the mattress for a long time. If you are planning to throw away the mattress (because your house does not have enough storage space) in five years and get a better mattress big enough for two, I would suggest buying a less expensive mattress that would be expendable.

With a small mattress come small mattress toppers, sheets and comforters. All of these are less expensive in the single mattress size.

Disadvantages of Single Mattress

3 feet and 3 inches of lying space enough for just one person. It might not be ideal for… two person activities. Consequently, it will probably limit your social activities.

The 75 inch variant is particularly not advisable for reclining beds. When a bed reclines, you will need the extra space on the foot area when you change position.

The real disadvantage of a single mattress depends on its user. How do you sleep? If you really need a wider mattress because you toss and turn when you sleep, then I would not recommend getting the single mattress. A good night’s sleep is important because it will affect how you work the next day.

Remember, a mattress is an investment in your comfort, health and well being.